Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Wild Day at the Zoo

Two weeks ago was Rodeo break. Yes, we get 2 days off for the rodeo. It's an event that all teachers and kids look forward to all year. Not the actual rodeo, but the 2 days off. It comes at the perfect time. A month after Christmas break and a few weeks before Spring break. It gives us that extra little boost we need to make it until Spring break.

 Usually the weather in Tucson this weekend is fantastic! And this weekend did not disappoint. Sunny & 70 plus degrees. It was almost hot. What to do on a beautiful February day in Tucson? Let's head to the zoo! With TEN KIDS. Yes people, we thought this would be a great idea (But we are all elementary teachers so we can handle anything!), along with every other Tucsonan. I swear every single person with kids was at the zoo. It was madness!  

Our first order of business; however, was to take a picture of all of our kids. For some reason they haven't all been together at one time and this event had to be captured

I didn't trust Jaxon to hold Reese on a concrete bench. Call me protective.

But then he asked me, with his big brown eyes, "Mama, can I hold Reese?" How could I say no?
From L to R: Jax & Reese, Colton, Ethan, Ava, Hunter, Brody, Delaney, Brinley & Henry
My babies
Honestly, he cannot be a better brother!

Now it was time for the Mamas to get together with their kiddos. Easier said than done. They were done with pictures and sitting still. I believe we had a few escapees. 

Seriously? When did this happen? Nine kids (and counting) between us

Yay! We did it! 

This was my first outing of this kind with two kids. I know, I know people do it all the time with more kids (Ami), but for me it was a big deal. One that I hadn't even really thought of. All I can say is thank goodness Rebecca was in town and came with, along with her mother-in-law, Kate! I couldn't have done it without them! They took turns holding the peanut butter cup, who did not want to be in her stroller, and entertaining Jaxon while I fed her. 

Rebecca & Reese enjoying the sunshine
Our 2nd order of business? Lunch. The kids were starving as soon as we got there. What's with that? Being the flexible ladies we are, we stopped for a picnic lunch.

Well, hello there little girl!

Reese & Brinley.

Reese was very intrigued by her friend Brinley.
I wasn't going to draw attention to it, but I figure you are observant so I'll just put it out there. Reese does not have a penis. Poor thing has a belly button hernia. It's pretty large and will hopefully repair itself on its own. If it doesn't by the time she's 5 she will have surgery. Right now, it doesn't hurt her at all, it just looks ugly.

Tia Kate & Jaxon 

Rebecca's a natural. Peesey was out like a light!

Our new polar bear, Snow. She came to us from the Pittsburgh zoo
We took a little break on Kate's dad's bench at the zoo. 
Yes, I took a screen shot from Tia Kate's FB page.

One of my favorite children's book is Hooray for Wodney Wat by Helen Lester. It's about a rodent who has a speech impediment and cannot say his "r's" therefore he is a "wodent". Anyway, a capybara comes to school and all Jaxon has been wanting to see in person is a capybara. Guess what? We happen to have on in our zoo! 

The Capybara. 
This week, we are going to tackle the park and open gym at a gymnastics place! Fun fun!


Sarah said...

i'm glad you posted the pictures! they are so cute! but what's with the nine kids (and counting) comment??? is there something i don't know? who's still counting?!

Anabelle said...

Mary is still counting right?