Friday, March 16, 2012


Jaxon & Reese's cousin Avery came to visit for a few days this past weekend. Jaxon could not have been more excited! He was counting the days until his cousin Avery, from Colorado, would come to his house for a barbeque. Jaxon & Avery have only seen each a handful of times, but you'd think she was his best friend the way he went on about her visiting. 
I was so happy to see them play together. It was as if they played together weekly, instead of every few years. 

Grammy Sue having some cuddle time with Reesey

Avery & Reese. Avery couldn't wait to hold the baby!

April 2009: Avery 3, Jaxon 11 mos.

Playing ball & enjoying a beautiful AZ afternoon

Cousins- Kory (10), Avery (6), Jaxon (3)
The last time they were together. April 2009. Jaxon 11 mos, Avery 3, Kory 7

Grammy Sue was a bit chilly

All 4 cousins together for the first time

Um yeah.  

On Monday, Uncle J, Grammy Sue & I took the kids to the zoo. I was busy with the Peanut Butter Cup and didn't get too many pictures, this is all I have...

Taking an animal watching break to enjoy some dippin' dots

After a non-successful nap time, we headed to Peter Piper Pizza. Again, hardly any pictures. 

Jaxon got new converse that day! LOVE them!

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