Monday, November 7, 2011

Jaxon & Jasper

Our weekend visitor was a complete gentleman and I believe we provided him with wonderful hospitality! Jasper captured our hearts and if Ms. Courtney ever needs a guinea pigsitter again, I hope she calls us! 
Jaxon was beyond thrilled to have him over for a sleepover. Timing for him to come over could not have been better. Jaxon transitioned into his big boy room this weekend and I believe having Jasper "watch" over him was perfect.   Jaxon was very attentive to Jasper and his needs. He fed him loads of fruits and vegetables, sat in his chair with him, kept Lucy away from Jasper and had us tote Jasper all over the house. 

We had to take Jasper to Lola & Abu's house to show him off. Izzy was frantic! Little did she realize that Jasper is bigger than she is!

So happy to have him on his lap!

Feeding Jasper grapes. That pig can eat!

Lucy didn't notice Jasper until Saturday afternoon! And then she was scared of him!

Not so sure about this new smell in our house.

Playing cars with Jasper

Jasper spent A LOT of time outside of his cage. Sorry Ms. Courtney, if we spoiled him. He is such a friendly, social, cute little thing that we couldn't resist. 

On the way to school this morning the conversation was had:
Jaxon, "Can we go to Petco after school?"
Me, "Why do we need to go to Petco?"
Jax, "To buy something."
Me, "What do you want to buy at Petco."
Jax, "UMMM. How about a guinea pig, maybe. That is a good idea!"
Me, "No. We are not buying a guinea pig."
Jax, "Well, maybe ONE day we can. That would be fun."
Me, "We could buy a fish, but not a guinea pig."

I'm sure we will have a guinea pig by the end of the week! No, we won't. A baby is enough!

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Sarah said...

be strong! you don't need to change diapers AND a cage! but those are some cute pictures ;)