Saturday, November 5, 2011


Was it really just Halloween? I feel like I almost passed us by. We did not do any of the fun fall activities I would have liked or that we did last year, but, what are you going to do? Life happened. And it didn't have Halloween in its plans.

We did go to a "pumpkin patch". Well, a place where they sell pumpkins anyway. Picked two pumpkins and carved them the day before Halloween.

Scary Skeleton

Batman & Scarecrow

They even had a petting zoo!

My sweet family

Ta Da! Pumpkins!

Did I mention that Jaxon had his face painted at his preschool's Fall Festival? Yeah. that was a BIG deal! He had NEVER wanted to have his face painted. Ever. The Fall Festival was 2 days. The first day he wanted nothing to do with it, not even on his hand. He would rather watch and encourage other kids to paint their faces. I went to pick him up Friday afternoon and Ms. Courtney was waiting for me at the door bursting with excitement. 

Go big or go home is what we say. Why do a small check painting? How 'bout the entire face!
Batman poses...

Even Batman needs his beauty sleep

So that was Friday night, Sunday night we carved them. And by we I mean Brian & me. Jaxon was a little weiny. He takes after his grandma, Lola, who does not like to get her hands dirty.

Checking out the pumpkin guts

Brian made him stick his hand inside the pumpkin

As you can see, he was not impressed

Actually he was down right disgusted by it.

He did take a turn at carving it

2 pumpkins... a goofy one & a ghostly one
 On Halloween itself, Jaxon dressed as a shark... a Big Great White Shark to be exact.  We went trick-or-treating with our friends the Kershners who live the next street over. Thank goodness we went with their kids, because had it not been for them it would have felt like any other Monday night walking down the street in a shark costume. 
I remember when I was a kid, the streets would be packed with costumed kids. Now-a-days, not so much. We walked and walked before we saw any other kids. Plus, every other house had its lights out. Where was everyone's Halloween spirit? 

My big shark and my little pumpkin. 

The Kershner Girls... Alexa, Kara & Jenna

It took like 4 pictures to get the next picture

That pumpkin looks bigger when I sit down

He had to show us each piece of candy he got before putting it in his pumpkin.

Not wanting to get left behind

Heading home

 I must say, if you are 29 weeks pregnant and have not worked out much through out said pregnancy, I do not recommend trick-or-treating. The one plus mile we walked was not kind to my feet, back or hands. I felt the pain of swelling of each step taken. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Watching Jaxon ring doorbells and saying, "trick-or-treat" and "thank you" was worth every aching body part. I am also mighty impressed that Brian nor I had to walk to the houses with Jaxon. He had no problem going up with the girls and waiting for his candy


Mary said...

Reese and Jaxon look cute in their costumes : ) That's a bummer about the Halloween spirit...I think they all went to Rita Ranch!

Nicole said...

Um yeah Mary.... they did indeed come to RIta Ranch. Ugh. Jaxon looked adorable! What a fun costume! And to answer your question rom my blog- yes Brody kept his mask on the whole time, he even wears now:) Good times:) Next year, you guys will need to come to Rita Ranch with us!!

Jaymee said...

Jaxon looked adorable!!! We had tons of kids out this way, but some of the areas were anti-Halloween: ( Way to go keeping up with your troop! I had such a miserable time when I was pregnant with Sugar Bear (36 weeks! EEK!)Next year you will have 2 cuties in tow!!!