Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reese Isabella -25 weeks

Yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing our little Reese Isabella. My OB wanted me to have an ultrasound to measure the baby and my cervical length in order to keep a pre-term labor at bay. Everything looked good with our girl. She was a wiggly little thing and quite stubborn. The tech wanted her to move her hands away from her face so she could see her fingers, but to no avail. Reese wouldn't move them for anything!  The coolest thing was feeling her move and actually SEEING a foot or leg move. 

Jaxon & my mom joined us for the sneak peak. Jaxon was excited to see his baby sister, until we got in the room. Turns out he was more interested in the jelly the tech used on my stomach than on actually watching his sister. He did see her open and close her mouth and was impressed by this. 

Here she is looking away from us. Her legs are curled up on the left side of the picture and I think the whiter oval thing on the right MAY be an ear. Or she could be looking directly at us and the whiter oval thing could be her nose. Who knows? (I feel like Rachel from Friends)

A close up of her head. Looks like she's going to have a cute little nose. One of her hands is in a fist right under her chin. Yup, this is her being stubborn already... God help me!

This one is is just weird to me. It's her lips and nostrils. It does seem like she will have cute pouty lips like Jaxon. How I love that little mouth. Her arms are once again right by her face.

My absolute favorite! She is looking straight at us. Her face already looks perfect to me. 
Notice her lips? don't they look pouty? So flippin' cute!

Reese currently weighs 1 lb 9 oz and is measuring perfectly for her gestational age. My cervix is"nice and long" according to the tech. Not sure what this means exactly, but it sounded like good news. 
I saw my OB last week and that appointment went well also. I now have to see her twice a month until I am 36 weeks (I think... there's that listening thing I'm no good at). I have gained a mere 6 1/2 pounds. I was quite shocked, I was certain my weight gain this last month would have been in the double digits with as much as I've been eating, but nope, just 4 lbs in as many weeks. 6 1/2 lbs isn't too shabby for 6 months! I may be wearing my pre-pregancy clothes sooner than I thought (knock on wood). 
I have the lovely glucose test next week... really looking forward to that tasty beverage! 

 25 weeks and a proud (& silly) big brother

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Ami said...

Hooray for baby Reese! Can't wait to meet her in person!