Friday, September 30, 2011

Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

We're on Fall break for the next 3 weeks! Well, 2 now) and we are taking advantage and going on "Mama & Jaxon" Dates again. So this week...we went to the zoo! Again. I swear it is one of Jaxon's favorite places. He never seems to tire of it. This time he seriously acted as if he had never been to a zoo before. It was a bit hilarious.
The beauty of being on break is that we can get out and do things again. The other beauty of break (and living in Tucson and working with your best friends) is that all of our friends are also on fall break so we can just pick up and go. Which is what happened on Tuesday. Jaxon woke up and wanted to go to the zoo and I thought I would go on a limb and ask our favorite triplets to join us. Luckily they were free and Ami is a go-with-the-flow mom so we all packed up and headed to the zoo.

I seriously think that Ami & I must be in sync... we dressed our kids in green shirts and khaki shorts! This is the 2nd or 3rd time we have gotten together and they look more like quads than triplets and a friend. 
Love back pictures
3 toddlers and a preschooler riding the bronze elephant

Best Friends all in green
Why don't kids look at the camera when you ask them?
Jaxon fed the giraffe! 

Posing with Denver the giraffe

Touching a python in the learning center

The kids were convinced there was a rabbit in the cage.

Everything was going well. The kids were listening, behaving well and then...

We stopped to feed the ducks! Wow! That was an experience. 4 kids. Water. Unpredictable ducks & birds. Oh and hungry mosquitoes who liked nice, clean Ami & Anabelle ankles.

Between the 2 of us we had over a dollar in quarters. This kept the kids quite busy for awhile. At this point we were waiting for Mary to meet us with Brinley. After the pigeon poop missed us by mere centimeters, it seemed like we were waiting an eternity.

Oh. This was the highlight. The water spitting frog.

I want to give mad props to Mary. Her first public playdate was a success! Brinley was the sweetest little girl and Mary handled the chaos like a mom veteran! I guess spending the last 2 1/2 years with triplets has given her a huge advantage. :)

I can only hope that Reese is as good a baby as her future BFF. 
Keep checking Ami's blog. I'm SURE she will post more pictures of our adventure at the zoo. 


Ami said...

That's funny. We literally took the exact same pictures! The only real difference is that my pictures have you feeding the ducks whereas your pictures have me in them! I'm SURE I will post them also! :) Good times! Tell Jax we thanked him for his desire to go see the animals!

Charlotte Hoffner said...

I just want to personally thank you for updating your blog! You are doing an outstanding job of keeping us all updated on the happenings in your life! ;). Baby Reese is beautiful already and the trip to the zoo looked like fun! Can't wait to find out what else you do during the break!