Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh The Guilt!

I totally feel like a slacker mom. I have not taken as many pictures. I haven't done any field trips with Jaxon... not even to Target! UGH! It's this new work schedule. I still work part-time but every day. I usually leave school around noon, which is plenty of time to do fun things with Jaxon, but he falls asleep within 15 minutes in the car. So I'm tied to this nap schedule. Then we live SOOO FAR that doing something after nap is unheard of. So I feel this little guilt and then the other day Jaxon says, "Where are we going today? Are we going to do something fun?" Sorry, not today. "We NEVER do anything fun anymore! I don't want to go home!" So yeah. Thanks for reiterating my guilt.
To top it off, I miss Jaxon's first ever soccer practice because I had teacher parent conferences and I am missing his first ever school field trip because I have to teach. I could take the day off, but with a looming maternity leave i have no sick days to spare. Thankfully Brian will be able to go with him. I think it will be a great time for the 2 of them, but I still feel bad I will not be there.
To ease that guilt, I decided to take Jax to McDonald's (aka Old McDonald's) yesterday after school. This IS a treat for us! I think the one and only time I took him to McDonald's was 2 years ago... no joke. He did go once or twice with his babysitter in Rio Rancho, but that's it. I know. The kid is deprived. When I told him we were going to have smoothies & fries at McDonald's the first thing he says is, "Can we play?" Of course there wasn't a play structure at this McDonald's. So in his problem solving way he says, "Let's just drive to Rio Rancho. That Old MacDonald's has a playground. I'll be good for the long drive."

On another note... Jaxon started soccer! Yup, he is officially on a soccer team and I am officially a soccer mom. He looks so flippin' cute in his shin guards, knee high socks and cleats, but have I taken any pictures? Just one.

I wanted to take pictures of his first practice, but it was the day I had to work until 6:30 pm for Parent teacher conferences. Sigh. Brian said he was awesome. I went with him yesterday, but couldn't take pictures because parent participation is expected.
But can I brag? The kid is amazingly smart! The kids all lined up and Coach Kelly says, "What's the first rule of soccer?" Now, Jaxon is the youngest by 2 years. The rest of his teammates are 5. That being said... In a very small voice Jaxon says, "Don't use your hands." The other kids yell out... "Have fun! Run around! I don't know." I had Jaxon raise his hand, Coach Kelly called on him and he was able to tell her the first rule of soccer. Of course he was right. (see amazingly smart). Then she asked for the 2nd rule. Again, in a small voice, "Kick the ball with your feet." Yup. Again. Right. And the other kids... no clue.
That went on the rest of the practice. He always remembered what Coach Kelly had said last week. Not just that, but he followed directions, listened stayed with the group. I just couldn't be prouder. Even though he did take a rest about 30 minutes into the practice. Who could blame him really? It was hot and he's THREE!

Last night we were talking about Reese and I asked Jaxon what he thinks Reese looks like. this is what he said,
Brown hair, blue eyes and dark skin.
Time will tell.

Speaking of Reese. Jaxon and I saw my friend Mary's baby, Brinley, today. As we were leaving he says to me, "I can't wait to touch and see OUR baby."
Me too, Bud, me too.

Do you not just LOVE the happiness on his face? I cannot wait to see his smile when he meets his baby sister!
He read Brinley her first book :)
And lastly, our 24 week belly picture. Hard to believe this is the last week of my 2nd trimester! Where did the time go? I better get my butt in gear getting bedrooms ready!
Don't mind the pigtails... we were headed to soccer.


Susanne, Chris and Kate said...

Does Jaxon have the Froggy Plays soccer book? He might love it! Kate loves that series! :)

You look adorable1 :)

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