Tuesday, September 6, 2011

22 Weeks

Well, we are more than half way there! It's crazy to think that we now have LESS time than I have actually been pregnant. Does that make sense? The first 20 weeks just FLEW by! It gives me a bit of anxiety to think of how fast this next 18 weeks will go... if we even have 18 weeks. Who knows if Reese is going to take after her big brother or cook a little bit longer?
We are sooo not ready for her arrival! Well, we are ready in the sense that we have a bassinet, crib and car seat so worst case we'll take those out of the garage the days she's born (well, I won't, but we'll find someone.) We still have to move Jaxon into his new room and I want to rearrange Reese's room (Jaxon soon-to-be-old room). I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the idea of organizing TWO rooms. But, thankfully in 2 1/2 weeks I have a 3 three week break from school and guess what I will be doing?

Since we are more than half way, I thought I would do a little update on the pregnancy so far.
Actually, not much to report really. If it weren't for my growing mid-section and achy back I would forget I was pregnant. It truly has been another easy pregnancy. Thank goodness!

The last time I wrote about the pregnancy I had yet to gain weight, well people, those days are long gone! This baby likes to eat! Reese is always hungry! (That was a lot of exclamation marks) I am positive that I have gained at least 5 pounds since my last check up 2 weeks ago. Hey, when else in my life am I going to be ok with gaining 5 pounds in 2 weeks?

About 2 weeks ago someone asked me if the baby was moving a lot and honestly, no she wasn't. Compared to Jaxon, who I started to feel at 16 weeks, Reese barely moved. This person-who-shall-remain nameless, called her lazy. Reese was not going to put up with that! Literally the next day or so she made her presence known! I think she is going to be a party girl. She sleeps all day and starts to rouse around 8:00 pm until around 5:00 am. Super. As long as it is simply an in utero thing, I'm cool.

She is already a Daddy's girl. The first day I felt she was kicking strong enough for an "outsider" to feel her, I told Brian to bond with his girl. Jaxon would stop the minute Brian touched my stomach. Not Reese. She followed his hand. Each time he'd place his hand on her she would give him a little shout out. So sweet. She doesn't feel the same about her big brother or grandma though.

The progestrone shots are going well. Actually they don't hurt as much as I had thought. The first 3 weeks were rough, I'm not going to lie. The days following the shots were not fun. It was had to sit or lie down and sometimes it even hurt to put pressure on that leg. On the 4th week I started taking Juice Plus vitamins. Seriously, I think they are magical! Ever since I have been taking them, the after effects of the shot are totally bearable! Now, the shot itself hurts like h$#!. If you've never had a progestrone shot, you can literally feel the medicine seep into your muscle. It also doesn't help that Jaxon watches and says, "Does it hurt? Does that hurt, Mom? Does it hurt now? Do you want a lollipop?"
If you are interested in Juice Plus, check out Nicole's blog... she is my Juice Plus dealer :)
I only have 15 shots left! I can do it!

My latest belly pictures....

Notice the growth is one short week?
LOVE Jaxon kissing his baby sister.

For those of you that may have comments about how "large" I am, my belly measures the right amount for as far a long as I am. I measured 21 cm at 21 weeks, which is where I was with Jaxon.

That's all folks. :)


Nicole said...

You are hilarious! I am so happy that the Juice Plus is working! It is great stuff and you look awesome! DOn't feel overwhelmed! I can get a sitter and come help you over the break! You know how I like to organize:)

Mary said...

Brinley can't wait to meet her friend Reese! You will never catch me saying how big you are...I know how that feels!!

Cute picture of Jaxon kissing his sister : )

Adam and Samantha said...

um whoever said you look big is blind, you look perfect! So excited for you to have a little girl, she will be beautiful =)