Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vacay... Day 1

Our first full day took us to Sea World. We had a late start since Mr. Sleepy Head slept until after 9:00 am.
Our first stop... Shamu!

Brian texted Jaxon's name so Samantha the Seahorse would say "Hi".

Obviously, after the Shamu show Jaxon just HAD to have whales. He decided the whales would be his one toy of the trip. I have to hand it to the kid, instead of choosing one $10 BIG whale he chose $10 worth of LITTLE whales. Not a dumb kid. There are 12 whales to be exact. Believe me... we had to count, recount and count again. Jaxon knew if any were missing.

Then it was off to Sesame Street.

Meeting Elmo and Abby Cadabby
PS I'm so happy Jaxon isn't a kid who is afraid of characters... at least not yet.

We also had to stop to feed this cute little guy.Reminded us of Lucy when it's close to dinner time.

And what's a trip to Sea World without a stop at the Shark Encounter? My boys LOVES their sharks!

We lucked out this day, they were doing a sneak peek of their brand new sea turtle exhibit. This may be a new favorite. So peaceful and relaxing.Penguin in time out. He must be 3. I bet he talked back to his mama. "OOO! He's BIG!" Polar Bear Den

"BRRR! Dat's cold!"
On our way out, Brian decided he wanted to ride the Atlantis ride. Jaxon and I stayed safely on the ground and watched Daddy get soaked.

On our way to dinner, we stopped at Sunset Cliff. I tried getting a family picture, but the only guy around didn't look very friendly at all.

Next stop.... LEGOLAND!


Ami said...

Looked to me like triplet penguins in time out. Bet they bit each other. And pulled someone's piggies of power. Just sayin.

Anabelle said...

OOO! There were 3! and the one in the middle was being ornery. He SO was not following the rules of time out. Who do you think that was?

Tim and Darcy said...

Looks like SOOO much Fun!!! Can't wait to keep reading :)

Sarah said...

i love the pics! i noticed not one tongue being stuck out in any of the sea world pics :)

Jaymee said...

I love that no matter what kind of girl Jaxon meets, they fall in LOVE with him! (note: Abby Cadabby with her pink fluffy arms wrapped around him!)