Saturday, May 28, 2011

Top 10 Things We Miss about ABQ

As I type this I am sitting at Tucson International Airport waiting to board a plane to ABQ. When I've been in this position in the past I've been sad. I was leaving home. But funnily enough, today I'm excited. I can't wait to get there and visit with our friends. I also feel guilty because we left Jaxon at home with Lola and Abu. I feel so bad because he misses ABQ something fierce. He tells me almost everyday how he wants to go back to Rio Rancho and live in his "real" house. Instead, Brian & I are going without him. One day, I promise, all 3 of us will be going! He did ease my guilt when I dropped him off at my parent's house this morning and he says, "Mom, when are you leaving? I don't want you to have a sleepover." Yes, he did break my heart a bit, but I know he is in good hands and will have a blast with Lola & Abu. But, Dude didn't even PRETEND to miss me! Sheesh.

So, we are off to ABQ so Brian can play in the Dos Amigos Golf Tournament at the club we used to belong to. It's a member-guest tournament and I think it's ironic that in the 5 years we were members he never played. Something was always going on Memorial Day weekend... Jaxon was due to be born a couple weeks later, I had to be in Tucson to start my cancer treatment, we went to Hawaii.... So this weekend he plays as a guest. He's thrilled! Let's hope he wins... there is a monetary prize :)

In honor of our trip back I thought I'd make a list of what we miss most of our former home.

This list is in no particular order

1. Our "club" friends.... The Wilson's, The Sieverts and The Sisneros'.

They became fast and wonderful friends to us. They loved Jaxon like he was their own. They were there when we needed them, no matter how big or small and they were always down for a drink at the club! LOVE them all.

2. My Kindergarten friends.

These ladies took me into their well established team and made me feel at home right away. They put up with me missing home for the first year and with my "ditziness" for five. I actually miss going to school each day and seeing these ladies as I walk down the hall. I miss hearing their stories about their children & grandchildren. I miss the camaraderie.

3. School.

Yes, I miss teaching. I know I would bitch and complain about working, the kids, the politics, but it was great. I miss having a place to go to everyday, I miss meaning something to someone other than my own family. I miss a reason to get dressed up. Now I don't know what to put under occupation when I fill out paperwork at a doctor's office. It's hard not to write down "teacher".

4. Frances' House

Jaxon misses her and his friends there most of all. Brian & I miss having him socialize with other kids on a daily basis. I also miss the every other Wednesday to myself.

5. Our proximity to everything.

We used to to live 2 minutes from Target, 2 minutes from the grocery store, 2 minutes from the gym, 10 minutes from the mall and a boat load of restaurants. Now we are easily 20 minutes from the nearest grocery store. NOTHING is close to us. Still trying to adjust.

6. Gymboree.

Oh, how I miss going to Gymboree twice a week.

7. The Balloons

No matter how old you are or how long you live in ABQ, there is something about seeing a hot air balloon outside your window each morning.

8. The Zoo, Natural History Museum, Aquarium, Children's Museum

There was always some place to take Jaxon if we wanted to do something different.

9. The Club

We loved going to the club any night of the week. It was such a chill place. A place where we could take Jaxon and he would run around while we chatted with friends. They so didn't mind having the kids around. We also miss the late afternoon golf rounds. Well, I miss sitting in the cart sipping on a frosty beverage, flipping through a magazine while Brian golfed and Jaxon ran around.

10. The Seasons.

I know already I will miss the changing seasons. Honestly, I will only miss Fall. I LOVED fall here. So pretty with all of the colors and the perfect weather... cool enough to wear a light sweater but warm enough to wear open toed shoes.

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