Sunday, May 22, 2011

Then & Now

Brian's all time favorite restaurant is Rosa's Mexican Restaurant. It is a little family run place in mid-town. It is delicious. Brian and his dad used to go there weekly for lunch, even when JP was not allowed to go, they would sneak over behind Sue's back... it is that good. The first house Brian ever bought was conviniently 5 minutes from Rosa's. So as you can imagine, we spent quite a lot of time there. When we moved to NM, we would visit Rosa's each time we came to Tucson. Albuquerque just did not have good enough Mexican food (sorry).

One of the many things we were excited about moving back to the Old Pueblo was Rosa's. And can you believe it has taken us over a month to visit it? Last night was the day. We scraped our dinner at home plans and made the trek to Rosa's (you see, where we live now, every where is a trek... a good 30 - 40 minute drive. Nice)

With my blog a day marathon on my mind, I thought, "I have a picture of the first time we brought Jaxon here. Let me do a then and now post."

Boy, what a difference. 3 years ago we had a nice, quiet dinner. With a sleeping child next to us. Now, we had a little boy who insisted the chips were all for him. Who insisted that his dinos eat the table with us and who did not stop talking the entire time we were there. Oh and did i mention he saw it appropriate to dance? Yes. Yes he did. Music lives inside this kid. I believe it's either Lady Gaga, Rhianna or The Black Eyed Peas.

Brian & Jaxon then... July 2008

Brian & Jaxon now... May 2011

Brian so graciously offered to take a picture of me with my boy.

*Not exactly sure why it uploaded so small.

How quickly life changes.

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Ami said...

My first ever experience at Rosa's was with you guys too! Amazing how quickly life changes!!