Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let It Snow... Part 2

On our day of snow Brian was out of town. He came home the next evening. The day he was due to arrive Jaxon kept saying, "I build a snowman wif Daddy?" Yes, when Daddy comes home you can build a snowman with him. The ENTIRE (45 minutes) way to the "erport" he repeated, "When I see Daddy I ask him to build a snowman. I build a snowman wif Daddy. You give me a carrot for da nose. Daddy build me a snowman." Before Brian even got into the car Jax is yelling, "You build me a snowman? Wif a carrot nose?"

Well, who can resist that request? It was dark by the time we got home and the snow was more ice than snow, but a snowman had to be built.

"Daddy, you make me a snowman Okaaaay. "

Jaxon wasn't much help in the building department. He just wanted to cover Daddy with snow!

The finished product. Kinda cute huh?

I'm backtracking here, but here are pictures of the snow falling Thursday night and then what we woke up to Friday morning. Which meant SNOW DAY! No school for me :)...but a makeup day in February :(

View from our bedroom deck

Holy Snow Batman!

Notice Lucy to the right? The snow came to past her belly, which isn't saying much since she's so short. But still. Poor blind dog didn't know what happened!

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Sarah said...

awww! i love the adorable little snowman ;) BP looks like he had fun!