Saturday, November 20, 2010

Never Too Early to Save

Clothing disclaimer
*** Let me first explain Jaxon's outfit. These were taken in the morning. It is now chilly in the morning and Jaxon wasn't wearing footie pjs so I put on some socks to keep his feet warm. During breakfast he spilled orange juice all over his shirt and wanted a new shirt, hence the non-matching outfit. ***

I am a spender. Brian is a saver. Brian would put all of our extra money into savings if he could and I would spend every last penny if I could. That's why we are a good match. He reminds me that one day we will be retired and will still need to live. Blah blah blah. Well, he has taught Jaxon how to save.
My maternal grandmother wanted Jaxon to have a blue piggy bank when he was a baby so my mom bought one on her behalf. It sat on his dresser until just a couple of months ago. Brian taught him how to put change into is piggy bank... give him a handful of change and the kid is occupied & quiet for minutes!
The other day, I had my wallet on the counter when Jaxon found it and decided that what is mine is also his, for keeps.

Now I have two boys that try to keep me from spending! Sheesh!

20 down only 10 to go!


Nicole said...

That is a great idea! Delaney has one and I never thought about her using it now! NOt sure why....
ANd I love his outfit!

Ami said...

Well you, Hunter and I can go shopping together! Who needs a savings acct. anyway? Really? There are so many adorable shoes and shirts and dresses that need good homes.