Friday, November 19, 2010

Hard at Work

I think I've blogged before about Jaxon's budding artistic side. He really enjoys "drawing". He's know starting to have a vision, if you will, about his pictures. He actually sits down and tells me what he is drawing. Granted they look like scribbles, but to him it's a piece of art! What do you think his favorite thing to draw is? Dinosuars of course! He tells me, "Dees are dinosaur tracks." Or "Dis is T-rex. Sharp teef!" It's pretty cute. The other day he sat down and said, "I draw a green motorcycle for Kevin." Kevin is our neighbor. He has a green dirtbike that he lets Jaxon sit on and "fix". He was so proud of this drawing that we had to walk down to Kevin's house to present it to him.

Concentrating on his dinosaur.

19 down 11 to go.

Can you tell I'm running out of things to post?

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Mary said...

I'm sure you keep every picture he makes, just like we keep ALL the drawings our kindergarteners make us : )