Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jaxon Date

Jaxon & I went on a date on Monday. Oh who am I kidding? We go on dates ALL the time! At least 3-4 times a week we head out the door to do something fun. One of the first things Jaxon asks me in the morning is "Mama, where we goin' day?" On Monday Jaxon woke up and said, "I wanna go Sea World." Ironically, I had already planned to taking him to the aquarium, yes I know, not nearly as exciting as Sea World, but the closest I could get in ABQ.
Before we headed out we had to get ready of course. Jaxon's new thing (which I LOVE) is that he likes to take a bath in my big bathtub. It's perfect because while I shower and get ready he's entertained and supervised. Plus he's getting clean. It's genius really.
I absolutely love to watch Jaxon play when he doesn't know anybody's watching. It is one of the most precious things to watch so I try to either take pictures or get it on video. He was so engulfed in washing his animals he had no idea I grabbed the camera and started taking pictures.

I have to say, that these are my most favorite pictures of Jaxon EVER!

Off to the aquarium we went. Funnily enough, the aquarium was our focus and I did not take one.single.picture! Just outside the aquarium are the botanical gardens and they have a play area for kids which is WAY cool!

At the entrance of the Enchanted Garden Castle. We had to go back a few times to see the dragon.

With the giant watering can

Inside the giant pumpkin. Yes, those are "pumpkin guts" hanging from the ceiling.

And even better than seeing the sharks... a farm! We saw horses, cows, goats & sheep.
Posing with the cow.
The sheep didn't really want to cooperate.After naptime we painted.While I made dinner Jaxon made a pillow pit.He is ALL boy! Jumping onto the pillows is now he new favorite hobby!

After jumping into the pillow pit a few times, Puppy got hurt. Jaxon brings him to me and says, "I frow Poppy. Poppy go to doctor. He hurt." So I had to bust out the band aids for Puppy and Jaxon.


Ami said...

Oh, where to start? First of all, the bath pictures WERE so adorable! Second, lovin the living room fort!! I am thinking the Bunchkins would love for their cousin Jaxon to make that fort again in about 27 more days! I can totally see Hunter jumping off that ottoman onto some pillows! :)

Brooke said...

Oh Anabelle! That last picture of him in the tub could just melt your heart! SO sweet!!