Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jaxon Says...

If you watched the 2 videos I posted of Jaxon yesterday, you have an idea of what a character he is. He says the craziest things every day. Here are a few heard around our house this week...
Jax & I were driving the other day and it started raining.

"Mama it raining!"
"Yup it is. Do you know where rain comes from?"

"Ummm. Hmmm. Da rainforest!"

On Monday I had to be at work by 8:00 am and Jaxon was still sleeping at 7:30 so Brian said he would take him the babysitter's house whenever Jax woke up. He woke up aroun 8:30 and Brian went up to get him,


"Nope. It's Daddy."

"Mama making breakfast for her boys?"

Where else would I be??

Of course he sleeps in on the day I have to work early, but on a day off he's awake at 6:00 am! I was a little cranky when he started calling for me before the sun was up so I stormed into his room and told him I was grumpy because he woke me up too early.

As I'm changing his diaper he says, "I saw-wee Mama. You my favorite boy?

"Who's a favorite boy?"

"You! You favorite gurl!"
"I'm your favorite girl?"
"Yeah! I you favorite boy."
Well, not at 6 in the morning you're not!"

(I said that with a smile, 'cause how could you not smile at him?)

I was reading the lastest Us Weekly with the Kardashian sisters on the cover and Jaxon points to Khloe and says,
"Eww?" I point to Kim Kardashian "Is she pretty?
Considers it for a second, "Yesh!"

I point to Kourtney, "Is she pretty?"

He takes another look, "Yeah."

I point to Jennifer Aniston. "Is she pretty?"

No hesitation, "YEAH!"

Back to Khloe. "Is she pretty?"

"No! She's EWWW! She not pwetty."

This is my personal favorite...

I was brushing my teeth while Brian was still "sleeping" and Jaxon was in bed with him watching cartoons.
"I need a beer."
"It's too early for a beer, Bud."

I told you he was a character!

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Sarah said...

i agree with jaxon's assessment of the kardashian sisters. what a smart cookie! :)