Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We ♥ San Diego! Day 2

The second day of our trip took us to the Wild Animal Park. If I had ONE suggestion for anyone headed there I would say, take the African Tour. This is where you can see the majority of the animals (giraffes, zebras, rhinos, etc). Guess who didn't take the tour? The Pearsons! Well, we tried, but while we were waiting in line Jaxon fell asleep and we knew that he wouldn't wake up or be happy by the time we got on the bus, so we decided to head back to the hotel. Now, if you're thinking that we wasted an entrance fee, don't fret. We bought the 3 in 1 pass which is good for unlimited entries to The Wild Animal Park, San Diego Zoo & Sea World for 5 days. The BEST part is that it sells for $121, but we got it for $90 at Costco! Score! We were excited about the few extra dollars we saved.

We started the day with some milk & cereal in bed.

Cool Joe. I seriously LOVE that little mouth! First stop at the park was the carousal. This was an ordeal because Jax wouldn't make up his mind on what animal he wanted to ride! We first sat on the tiger. Then the zebra. Finally the elephant, but while on the elephant he wanted to be on the lion. He's worse than a woman when it comes to making up his mind! Another plus on the 3 in 1 pass was that the carosaul ride was free instead of $2 a person!

Notice his leg... he's trying to get off!

Meerkats! I LOVE them!"Hewoe ducks. Come here I pet you."
One of the highlights for us was the petting zoo. There were a ton of deer for us to pet and feed. Of course Jaxon was in absolute heaven! The deer let him pet them and one even licked his face! You can only imagine how our little animal lover enjoyed that! I

At 11:00 am there is an "Elephant Rush". The Wild Animal Park has a herd of 16 elephants with 3 of them being babies (too cute!) At 11:00 am the zookeepers let the elephants out into the yard where there are new toys and treats for them to find.

The elephants walking out into the yard. There is a group to the left ready to get out.

Mama & Baby elephant.
On top of Daddy's shoulder getting a better look at the elephants
Daddy was a sucker and bought Jaxon this tiger straw. This is Jaxon telling me all about the straw, but he is SOO excited he can barely get his words out!Remember in Day 1 I said my goal was to get family pictures? Here is Family Picture #1

Asleep before the African Tour :(Still asleep on the way to the hotel.

After his 2 hour nap (1 hour after we got to the hotel) we headed back to the beach! I chose my two favorite of the afternoon

Family Picture #2! And it's on the beach! Too bad Jax isn't looking.

I mentioned in another post that Brian & I aren't the parents who like our kid to sleep with us, so it was important for us to get a hotel room with seperate rooms. We stayed at a Residence Inn that has a seperate bedroom from the living room. Jaxon would obviously fall asleep before us, so we slid his pack 'n play in the bedroom and when we were ready for bed we would slide him out into the living room. The problem was that there was no night light. Brian, or Maguiver (sp) as I called him, came up quite the set up. He put a lamp under the desk and draped towels around it to tone down the light. Pretty ingenius, I would have never thought of that!

Notice the "night light" to the left.

We had to turn the coffee table on its side or else Jaxon was too close to the bedroom door. We found this out the first morning when he opened the door and said (with a HUGE smile), "Morning! I had good sweep. I open door!"

Only 2 days left of We San Diego! Sea World (2 days in one), San Diego Zoo & of course a few more beach pictures.

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