Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Night Time Visitor

Last night, Brian went to bed at around 11:00 pm and I stayed up to catch up on Facebook & some blogs. At about 11:20 I heard Jaxon crying so I shut off the computer and went to check on him. I was just expecting him to still be asleep, give him a pat on the back and be on my way to bed. When I walk in the first thing I see are his big brown eyes looking at me through the crib rails and I hear,
Jax: "Mama, I scared." OOOHHH poor baby, he must have had a bad dream.
Me: "It's ok. Go back to sleep."
Jax: "I need see Daddy."

Before I tell you what went through my head let me tell you about our "sleep rules". Since Jaxon was 3 months old if he cries while sleeping we soothe him in his crib. We rarely ever take him out. If he is inconsolable or sick, then I will sit with him in the dark, quiet room and rock him until he falls back to sleep, but this doesn't happen often. And our 2nd sleep rule is that Jaxon does not sleep in bed with us. He has never once fallen asleep in our bed. With the exception of when he was a newborn, it was 4 am, he was screaming and the only thing that calmed him was cuddling with Brian.

That being said, this is what went through my mind when Jaxon asked to see Daddy.
"I could yell for Brian to come to Jaxon's room, but he's already sleeping and if he does hear me he isn't going to be very fond of getting out of bed."
"Well, I could carry Jaxon to our room through the brightly lit hallway so that he can see Daddy, then I'll take him back to his crib."
I opted for option B. As I was picking him up I was thinking, "This is going to backfire I just know it."
We head up to the bed he sees Daddy and says, "Jaxon yay down wif Daddy."
Yup, I knew it. Backfire.
I lay him down next to Brian and he cuddles against his daddy.
"Mama yay down wif Jaxon. C'mon Mommy under."
So I lay down next to him and he cuddles up with me. I'm not going to lie, I am enjoying Jaxon in our bed. He smells so good and his breathing is actually calming. This is one of those times that I want to bottle up the moment and open it up when Jaxon has graduated high school and gone off to high school, or when he's married with a family of his own. I want it to last forever. Now I understand why Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt have a gigantic family bed!
This is my favorite part though...
Jaxon: "Mama pet me." hilarious!
I run my fingers through his hair and "pet" him.
Jaxon: "No down."
He takes my hand and puts it on his leg, then he takes my free hand and holds it. How sweet is he?
I think he is asleep so I stop petting him.
Jaxon: "Pet me on yeg peas."
This kid is too much!
I leave him in bed with us for about half an hour then put him back in his crib. At 2:45 am I hear him crying again so I go check on him.
"Go Daddy's bed."
Oh yeah, that wasn't happening again as I much as I wanted it to! So I pet his leg instead.
Hanging out on Mama's bed in Tucson.


Adam and Samantha said...

ahhh how sweet! I think we started off with the no sleeping in our bed rule, but that has long since gone out the window. Ethan loves to cuddle up next to me and says hold me, hold me, I LOVE it. I figure he is already a horrible sleeper so it's ok. Enjoy those moments when they come, cause before we know it they will be way to big to cuddle with mommy!

Sarah said...

awww that is so cute!! :)