Friday, April 2, 2010

Jaxon and the Animals

Yesterday afternoon I was in my classroom looking through my books for some Easter & Spring books. During my search I came across this book:

Sammy and the Dinosaurs. I have had this book since before I was Mrs. Pearson (It says Miss Rios on the inside cover) and I never, in a million years, thought I would have a little boy who would be just liky Sammy... Very attached to his animals. I also hadn't opened this book in years and didn't remember what it was about. Well, the reason it caught my eye was because Jaxon is very much into dinosaurs right now, they are animals! So I said to myself, "I'm going to take this book home to Jax." I opened it up and this is the first page I see...

It says, Sammy took the dinosaurs shopping. They went to the garden center. They went to the beach. When Sammy had a bath, the dinosaurs had a bath. When Sammy went to bed, the dinosaurs went to bed.
I think even Jaxon realizes he is like the Sammy. Whenever he "reads" the book he'll point to Sammy and say, "Jaxon". or "Jaxon seeping disores." - Jaxon is sleeping with dinosaurs. or "Jaxon baf disores." - Jaxon is taking a bath with the dinosaurs.
If there was ever a book that captured Jaxon at this very moment, it is this book. You have all read about how much Jaxon loves animals, so I thought I would post pictures of him and his animals around the house.

I love this picture!

At Lola's house. Rocking in a rocking chair that belonged to MY grandmother.
Watching Dinosaur Train with "I-yun""- lion

This picture cracks me up!

On Saturday, the 3 of us were headed out to lunch and Brian said, "Bubba, choose 2 animals to take with you." The reason we always say 2 is because it's easy for him to hold himself and for us to keep track of. Well, Jaxon starts walking towards the door with not 2, but 5 animals in his tiny little hands! Brian & I looked at each other as if to say, "Whose going to be the bad guy and take 3 away??" Luckily, Brian is full of ideas and said "We need to get him a bag." I went searching for a little bag upstairs and Brian, little did I know, was searching downstairs. I come back down and say, "Found one." He says, "That's too big and he can't see through it. I was thinking more of a Ziploc bag." REALLY?? Is that safe? I'm not so sure I should let my child play with a plastic bag. I mean, doesn't it warn you right on the bag, "This bag is not a toy" ? Well, Mr. Idea said, I'll fold it down so it won't be as big. That's what he did and in went the animals and out the door we went. Now, Jaxon could not have been happier! He was tickled with his new animals carrier.

The animals in the bag disturb me a bit. I feel like they are going to suffocate.

I let him carry it around for about a day and then found a nice red gift bag for him to use. I feel this is a little safer than the plastic bag, plus I feel better about the animals being able to breathe.

Now I'm on a mission to find a little back pack for him to use. I mean, how cute are little kids with back packs?


Sarah said...

i'm glad you are looking for something to replace the plastic bag... it's slightly ghetto. plus a little backpack would be soooo cute :) i absolutely LOVE the pic of jaxon riding on the tiny elephant! how adorable ;)

Bee-Jai said...

You are a riot! I laughed so hard at the animals now being able to breathe! Too funny.

We have a preschool backpack from Lands End with Seth's name on it. It was probably pricey, but it was a gift. Maybe you can ask for one for his birthday?

Brooke said...

Great idea about the backpack! has a huge selection of personalized ones too, in smaller sizes for toddlers and preschoolers. We have the LE preschool backpack for Lauren too, but that's sort of her "diaper bag" (and it's heavy) - not for carrying around her fun things. The small drawstring one that we had previously she could open herself and she wore that thing out! They do look so cute wearing a backpack!