Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bad Parenting Skill #15

I have to do a very quick post tonight. The kindergartners are performing their Three Piggie Opera in an hour. I know I will be too tired to blog after the performance.
Bad Parenting Skill #15: Letting your child swing a golf club inside.
I know, this is a bad idea. I mean all kinds of things can happen- broken TVs, holes in wall, blah blah blah. Oh well! No one has gotten hurt yet.
This video is of Jax practicing his golf swing. After watching the video, I notice that Lucy kinda steals the show! She is such a little theif and persistent little dog that it became kinda comical after I watched it a few times.


Sarah said...

my favorite part in the giant package of charmin in the background ;) what a good mom you are!

Anabelle said...

Oh yeah, it was grocery shopping day. The charmin was waiting to find it's home upstairs. I enjoyed that part too. :)

Ami said...

At 2:01, I thought Lucy was going to lose her life. Too funny.