Sunday, January 3, 2010

Farewell 2009!

All Brian and I could talk about the last couple of weeks was how happy we were that 2009 was almost over. It seemed like such a bad year for our family. The only good thing we felt happened this year had to do with Jaxon. Today I thought about EVERYTHING that happened this year and realized it wasn't as bad as we remembered. Let's review...
- I went to my annual "womanly" check up and the mid-wife found a lump on my thyroid.
- Jaxon got is first 2 teeth!
- Lola came to visit
- I met Dr. McDreamy & had an ultrasound done on my thyroid

- I had a Fine Needle Biopsy done on my thyroid (OUCH!!)- Jaxon learned to crawl forward (literally, minutes before we walked out the door to hear the worst news)- I was diagnosed with THYROID CANCER
- My grandmother, Abuela Chabe, went into surgery and never fully recovered, leaving her on a ventilator.
- Went to Puerto Rico to visit family.
-The Bunch Triplets were born! APRIL
-Brian & I celebrated 5 years of marriage- I had a total Thyroidectomy

- Jaxon turned 1!

- Jaxon had his first haircut

- Jaxon spent 3 weeks in Tucson with Lola & Abuelo
- My teaching partner got a full time job at district office, which meant I had no one to job share with.
- I was on an icky 2 week low iodine diet
-I went radioactive and was isolation for 1 week
- Was told there were no traces of Thyroid tissue left in my body & Dr. McDreamy did the BEST thyroidectomy possible!!

-Jaxon become a swimming school drop out

- We took our first family vacation to San Diego

- I went back to work full-time for a few weeks
- Rebecca & I had a girls trip to Chicago!

- The district hired a teacher to job share with me.


- I turned 31.

- My new job share partner quit (on my birthday, after only 2 days of work!) I had to go full time until we found yet another replacement

- I had my first post-cancer follow up. Dr. Edwards told me I have an antibody which is skewing my blood tests and isn't giving him accurate information on my tumor marker. This means I most definitely have to have ANOTHER radioactive iodine treatment in June & I MUST NOT get pregnant until at least January of 2011.


- The Bunch Family came to visit

- Brian turned 33 - Jaxon fell in love with horsesNOVEMBER
-FINALLY found someone to jobshare with me! I started working part time before Thanksgiving - Traveled to Tucson for Thanksgiving with the Pearsons & Rios Families


-Went to the Zoolights in Tucson

- Grammie Sue had knee revision surgery

- Spent Christmas with family in Tucson

So, I guess the good out weighed the bad, but I must say, it was the hardest year Brian and I have ever had. I am thankful for the many blessings we did share this year.

We are most definitely looking forward to whatever 2010 will bring us and we hope it is all good.


Nicole said...

I know it was tough for you all, but you guys are strong- obviously. 2010 will be better for all of us.

Jaymee said...

Loved the way you reflected on your year. (I thought of doing something like that...) It will get better. Everything we go through makes us stronger and you have already proven just how amazing you are as a mommy, wife, friend, daughter, teacher and more so a person. Here is to a fresh start! Love ya!

Ami said...

I agree! That was a good recap!Here's to a wonderful 2010 for all of us! I'm wishing great things for everyone! (And OMG, I can't remember when Hunter was so tiny!!)

Sarah said...

wow! you have a great memory! i'm sorry your 2009 was so crappy but you got through it cuz you are awesome! here's to 2010 being the best year EVER! :) love you!!!

GapGirl said...

I pray a very HEALTHY 2010 for you