Monday, November 9, 2009

Mother of the Year Monday

My friend Ami is a fellow blogger ( and she has committed to blogging everyday for 30 days (insane yes!), so in my attempt to help her I suggested she do a blog title "Mother of the Year Monday".

Ever since we became mothers, 18 months + 1 day ago for me & 7 1/2 months for her, we always tell each the not-so-smart things we have done to our poor unsuspecting children. Usually, these moments are kept between the two of us and sometimes we don't think it wise to tell our dear husbands, so why I thought it would be a good idea to share them with the world I don't know! Well, when I told Ami she should have this weekly feature she immediately said, "You have to do it too!" Being the good friend that I am I decided to go along! I figured if two educated girls can do stupid things, we must not be alone, certainly there are lots of you who have done some pretty dumb things (I hope).

SO... here is my first Mother-of-the-Year moment....

One day this summer (before Jaxon could walk) Jax & I headed up to the pool to meet some friends. We get to the parking lot, I unload the stroller from the trunk & open it up. Now, when you unfold a stroller you usually here a click letting you know it's good to go, well, I didn't hear the click & I remember thinking, "Hmm, that's odd. The stroller is upright though so I must of just missed it." I turn back to the car to get Jaxon out of his carseat & put him in the stroller. I turn back to the car to get our pool bag out and I hear, CRASH! Oh yeah... Jaxon is folded up in the stroller and is lying flat on the concrete! I was terrified! I honestly thought I killed my baby! I don't think I have ever moved faster in my life. I popped that stroller open so fast only to see my smiling little boy looking back at me with not a scratch on him! He didn't even shed a tear. If I remember correctly he may have even laughed!

When you write out my certificate for Mother-of-the-Year, please remember my name is spelled with only one N! Thank you!

Please feel free to tell me you mother-of-the-year moments in the comment section. It is pretty therapeutic actually!


Anonymous said...

i'm not mother of the year but i am teacher of the year... my first year teaching, i put a child in the pod cuz he was driving me NUTS! the bell rings we all walk out for dismissal and i see that child's mom waiting for her child. i'm thinking... where is he, i know he was here today.... oh snap!!! i left him in the pod! i ran back to the pod and there he was sobbing and crying because i had left him in the pod! damn, oops! :) sarah

Nicole said...

Like I said on Ami's... I have way too many. Kinda sad really.

Bee-Jai said...

I'm with Nicole on this one. Too many to recount!
These things seem to happen to me all the time!

Adam and Samantha said...

That one is pretty good, I have to say I haven't done that one yet, but I've done worse!! I've done the same thing Ami did, let's just say a few times! I don't know how I can forget to buckle the kids in the car seat, but sometimes it just happens!! I have a lot more Mother of The Year Stories, but I try to block them from my memory, and no I usually don't tell my hubby =)