Monday, November 16, 2009

Mother-of-the-Year Monday... Playing with Knives!

Oh it's that time of the week again! The day I admit my faults as a mom.
As moms, we all know what a challenge it is to cook dinner and keep your kids entertained and out of the kitchen. If Jaxon is being especially needy I put him in his high chair, give him a snack and pull his chair over to the kitchen so he can be part of the action, but still safe. Innocent enough right? WRONG! On this particular evening Jax is eating his snack happily while I move around the kitchen and don't really pay attention (I'm starting to see a trend in my motherly mistakes). I go to the refrigerator to get some veggies and wash them, I turn back to the counter to start chopping and who do you think has the BIGGEST KNIFE in his hand?!? The one and only Jaxon Pearson! He is happy as a clam waving this gigantic knife around. I automatically think of the fastest way to get to the ER from my house. But, no worries, I was able to calmly & safely take the knife away from Jaxon and the evening went on as planned.


kershner3 said...

That's happened to me before! The only difference was that Kara was not in her high chair and she started running through the living room with it holding it by the blade of course! My heart skipped a beat, but she ended up fine without a scratch...thank God!

Adam and Samantha said...

That's scary...Ethan has done that quite a few times. They always seem to know how to get the biggest knife in the kitchen too, little stinkers!!