Friday, November 6, 2009

Mama's Little Duckling

Halloween has come and gone, so I guess it's time for the Halloween update. It took me the entire month of October to think of the perfect costume for Jaxon. I really wanted to dress him in something cute, embarrassing and not so common. Yup, I'm a great mom! I found a cow costume at Party City which would have been perfect for Jaxon! He loves cows and is constantly mooing, but it only came in infant sizes. So, no dice. I kept searching and searching and FINALLY I found a costume that met my criteria... a duck!! As an added bonus Jaxon likes to quack about as much as he likes to moo!

Cute & embarassing! I love it!
This is my FAVORITE part!! The tail!

I bet you've never seen a cuter duck!
As with anything, Brian was way more excited for this than Jaxon was!
Every year Jaxon's babysitter, Frances, has a Halloween party for her kids and they all go trick-or-treating together in her neighborhood. So off to our first kid party we went!
Getting all of the kids to look at a camera was a feat! Jaxon and Jacob (not pictured) didn't exactly want to stand for a picture!
Off to the first house!Trick-or-Treating was made for Jaxon! He would walk right up to the door and say, "Hi" to whoever answered, said "Ta Tou" (thank you) when they gave him candy and would tell them "bye bye" as he was walking away. My favorite though was when he would run to me and yell, "snack, snack" He was so excited that people were giving him snacks! It did become a problem when we went to a house that had dogs. Jax would get sooo excited! He would point and say, "Doggie, doggie." and wouldn't want to leave! He would cry and cry as we dragged him away from that house.

Brian was in charge of taking him up the house.

Mama, snack, snack!

I will say that I feel like a bad mom... I didn't let Jaxon go through or eat any of his candy! I don't know why, it's not that I don't want him to eat candy, I just didn't even think about it. O well, he'll never know right!

After we went to several houses, it was time to go back to Frances' for some posole, chicharones, marshmallow roasting and dancing! Jaxon had an absolute blast! He kept looking at us and saying, "Mama?" Kind of like, "Why the heck are you here? You usually leave me!"

Dancing with Kobe and Alex

All pooped from dancing!

Quack, quack!

Jaxon and Frances

Jaxon and Aaron.

Aaron is Frances' daughter's boyfriend. He comes over quite a bit to play with the kids and Jaxon adores him!

Jaxon was out by the time we got to the end of Frances' street... which is only 2 houses!

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