Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pearson's Go Pumpkin Pickin'!

October has been an exciting month for us! First the Bunches visit, then we go to Tucson, then we celebrate Brian's birthday and now we visit the Pumpkin Patch!

Before getting to the pumpkins we had to go through the corn maze

I was fascinated that there was actual corn in the corn stalks! Snackin' like always, not necessarily impressed with the corn maze. What awaited us at the end of the corn maze Jaxon "looking" for a pumpkin

The new friend Jaxon made.

Trying to rope the cow, notice that Jaxon is looking elsewhere Brian roping the cow. Notice Jaxon in the background? Notice his new friend near our wagon? Well, the friend started to take our jackets out of the wagon and Jaxon runs over there, wags his finger at him and says, "No, no, no!" Hee hee!

The petting zoo was the highlight of our trip! Jaxon LOVED all of the animals had had absolutely no fear. As soon as he discovered the animals he ran right over and put his hand through the fence to pet them! He also talked to them. He would go up to each one and say, "Hi", "Whoa", but my favorite was when he saw the calf... "Moo!" He was so happy!

Come here Alpaca! I wanna pet you!

Moooo !

Feeding the baby horse. Again, Jax had no fear! He would pick up corn and grass off the ground and put it right in the animal's mouths.
I love my little family.

Should I take this pumpkin?

I think I want the one on this table!
Jaxon got a little tired so he decided to take a seat :)

Bye bye Pumpkin Patch!

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