Thursday, October 15, 2009

I think I'm Cursed

Seriously, I truly think I am! This summer when we went to San Diego, we tried going to the Children's Museum, and if you remember it wasn't there! Two weeks ago, when the Bunches came to visit we went to the Pumpkin Patch and there was no one there to let us in, then we went to the Balloon Glow and it was cancelled! So, why would our latest trip to Tucson be any different?
Jaxon and I flew to Tucson last weekend to see Grammy Sue, Lola & Abuelo. Grammy Sue suggested we go to the zoo on Saturday. GREAT! We will get some fresh air and enjoy some warm weather. Grammy Sue, Lola, Jaxon & I arrive at the zoo at 12:15 pm. As we are approaching the entrance we hear another family say, "It's closed." Huh?? The zoo is closed that can't be right, it's Saturday, zoos don't close on the weekends. Well, apparently, on the Saturday we decided to see the animals, the zoo closed early (at 12:00!) for a charity event, Zoocson. Can you believe our luck?? See, I'm cursed!

We decided to ride the teeny tiny train around Reid Park and then feed the ducks instead.

The Train

Jaxon, Lola & Grammy Sue

Jaxon's ready to go!

Grammy Sue & Lola riding the train

Train ride is over

After the train, we were off to feed the ducks. Well, sort of. It was more like feed Jaxon since every piece of popcorn I gave him he ate himself instead of throwing it into the pond. Another problem we had was that Jaxon was so excited to see the ducks that he wanted to jump into the pond to try to pet one.

Grammy Sue & Jax. Notice where Jaxon's left hand is...

Forget the ducks, feed me!

Obviously, Jaxon was hungry so we decided to go to lunch. Applebees here we come!

Can you guess what Jaxon had for lunch?

We can't forget Abuelo!

Jaxon & Abuelo, or Ahuevo as Jax affectionately calls him!

In case you hadn't figured it out yet, Jaxon LOVES to eat! At my mom's house he discovered the pretzels in the pantry and spent most of his time opening the pantry and bringing me the pretzels. Saying, "Ees, Ees." (please, please)

Sometimes he wasn't so polite

Let me show you how to open them, Mama

We will all be back in Tucson for Thanksgiving! We hope to see many more of you then and if we don't, maybe during Christmas break.

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Ami said...

Hee hee...I LOVE that little boy!! He cracks me up! Good blog! Can't wait to see you all on Thanksgiving!