Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Bunches invade Albuquerque!

Yup, that's right, the Bunches packed up their Durango and drove to Albuquerque to visit the Pearsons! We were SUPER excited for this visit and it did not disappoint. Before I go on, I must say how impressed Brian & I are with Brian & Ami. They really make raising triplets look easy (which it is clearly not!) Colton, Ethan & Hunter are such well behaved, wonderful, happy babies. We figured that while they were here they probably wouldn't sleep as well, wouldn't take naps, etc. Boy were we wrong! They napped and slept through the night each night they were here. Ami, I am amazed by you :)

Jaxon was so happy and good with the babies. He absolutely loved them and if one would cry he would "run" over and say, "Ba-by" with a very concerned look one his face. He played with them made them laugh and checked on them often. I was so happy to see how much he loved Colton, Ethan & Hunter. He loved them so much that once they left he walked around the house saying, "ba-by, ba-by." He even called for the babies in his sleep!

"Ethan, let me show you how this works."

"Hey Colton. How ya doin'?"

These are the cutest babies EVER!

Jaxon hangin' with the boys before bedtime! Yes, it was chilly in Rio Rancho!

Once all 4 babies went to bed, we hit the fire pit for cigars, wine, & burnt marshmallows!

With our "fun" spouses!

We are brave souls. We took 3 babies & 1 toddler to the Rio Grande Zoo

Entering the zoo.

"Hunter, this zoo is great! You are going to have so much fun!"

Jaxon was obviously not very fond of the kiddy leash. Needless to say, it didn't last long at all!

What a life!

Mama & Jaxon

We even had a BBQ!

Jaxon likes to help Daddy cook.

Brian & Colton

Ethan just chillin' in the Itsy Bitsy chair

Ami with part of the troop. Ami just had to ride Jaxon's police car!

Balloon Glow at Balloon Fiesta 2009.... or maybe not.

This was the first weekend of the Balloon Fiesta and were were excited to go see a balloon glow, which is when all of the balloons light up their burners at the same time and they "glow". It is pretty amazing, but alas, it was cancelled! We dragged all 4 kids for no reason. As soon as we stepped onto the Balloon Fiesta Park, the wind picked up and the glow was cancelled. We were sad, but at least we got to see the fireworks!

Getting ready to walk to Balloon Fiesta Park. We are quite the spectacle :)

Feeding babies before we head back home. How cute is Ethan in his beanie?

No one is sadder about the cancellation than Colton!

Two cute girls in the wind

The Pearsons

In awe of the fireworks

What's a trip with the Bunches without a photo shoot?

Mr. & Mrs. Pearson

Best Friends

Look at the beautiful babies we made!

The Bunches

The Pearsons

For our Grand Finale....

Can you tell Jax & Ethan had had it!

For more pictures and stories from our trip make sure to check out Ami's blog: www.bunchbabies.blogspot.com!

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Ami said...

GREAT POST! We had such a good time! And you're right! Though I didn't blog about it, I totally looked for a picture of the helmet greeting and couldn't find it! Then I realized I have it on video, NOT on my regular camera! Bummer! Anyway, thanks again for putting up with ALL of us! Our home is open for you all anytime!