Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Love Bites...

Literally! Jaxon has started the biting phase of his toddler-hood. I think it is a tad bit early, but hey, maybe it means it will go away sooner! I am hoping he only shows this kind of love to his parents and not to any of his friends at the baby sitter's house!

Here is just one of Jaxon's "Love Bites"
Can you say, "Ouch!" It wasn't just bruised, it also became a welt!

Well, good ole Karma came back to Jaxon. He was playing in the laundry room the other day and somehow managed to get into the pop-up hamper I have in there. He couldn't quite get out as easily and ended up with a pretty big bruise on his noggin! The best part about it was that the bruise had the indentation of the netting!

I love the look of panic on his face!

This is why I think all toddlers should wear helmets!

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Ami said...

Is it bad that we laugh when things like that happen to our kids? I think maybe I'm glad my babies will all be wearing helmets for a little while! :) Give that baby kisses from Auntie Ami! See you soon!