Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's a Gymboree Day!

Jaxon and I have been going to Gymboree every week this summer. We have such a fun time! Jaxon walks in and immediately goes up to all the kids and says, "Hi". Sometimes I think he really prefers watching what the other kids are doing than actually playing. He has made lots of friends, his favorite is Naomi though. Naomi is the sweetest little girl. On our very first day of Gymboree she sat next to Jaxon and kissed him right on the lips! Of course, Jaxon being the ladies man that he is, kissed her again! Now, every time they see each other they either hug or kiss. It is the cutest, sweetest thing! During the class, they follow each other everywhere, this is a serious crush I think.

Today, our teacher, Ms. Shannon, told us that Jax was ready to move on to the next level! Yipee! I knew I had an advanced kid! HA HA! I just hope that Naomi moves up soon too, Jaxon will be heart broken if she isn't at Gymboree :) . Now that I am working part-time again, we will be starting a music class, which I think Jaxon will LOVE LOVE! He is such a music-loving kid, you've all seen him dance the conga right?

I'm just trying to look cool for Naomi.

I made it to the top, now what?...

I'll play Peek-a-boo!

Going through the tunnel, my favorite.

Made it to the end!

I think you'll agree with me when I say that I think he should be the model for Gymboree? hee hee, I'm not biased or anything :)

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Fisher Family said...

Trynnity is a little jealous that Jaxon is kissing other girls. She thought he was the perfect "Gymboree" boy for her.