Monday, June 22, 2009

Look Mama... No Hands!

Jaxon woke up today and decided it was the day to start walking!!
Brian went outside to grill a hot dog for lunch. Jaxon and I were inside, but he wanted to be outside with Daddy. He was at our back door banging on the blinds. I tell him NO and give him my best "teacher look". He immediately gives me his "look" and starts to cry. He lets go of the blinds and just walks over to our coffee table, a good 5 feet away! Unbelievable. I was holding my breath the entire time, just waiting for him to fall over. Nope, he made it safely to the coffee table and gave me this look of pure achievement. It was wonderful!
A bit later, we decided to practice walking, this time with the video camera handy. Neither Brian nor I were expecting anything to come of it, but boy were we wrong! Here is our video. It is about 5 minutes. I just couldn't put the camera down. We are so excited!! More so that he waited until Brian and I were both together to start walking. Now let the fun begin!


Jen said...

How amazing to see those first steps. So glad you had the camera handy. Great job Jaxon!!!! What a big boy you are!!!

Ami said...

OMG...SO cute! I particularly enjoyed at 2 minutes and 26 seconds, the head banging on the wall! Well that, and how cute was my fun husband?? He should SO have another baby! Anyhoo...good job Jaxon!!

Fisher Family said...

Yeah Jaxon!!! Now you will REALLY keep your momma going! Watch out world... cute lil man on the loose.