Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Weekend

I know this blog entry is a little late, but better late than never right? The Pearsons headed off to Tucson to celebrate Grammy Sue Sue's birthday and Easter. Yup, we had not had enough of flying with an 11 month old so we decided to do it just 4 days later!

One of the main reasons we went to Tucson is because Brian's brother, J was also going to Tucson with his family, so we thought it would be fun to have a Pearson Family Gathering. We met up with the Colorado Pearsons at the ABQ airport and then the 6 of us headed down to the Old Pueblo.

J and Marianne have a 3 year old little girl, Avery. Before the trip all she talked about was holding Jaxon and feeding him. The minute we all got settled on the plane Avery asks, "Can I hold Jaxon?" Well, who could say no? She was so cute and Jaxon just sat on her lap as happy as can be.

Jaxon & Avery on the plane. Notice the pink blanket? Avery thought the baby was getting cold. Too cute!

As soon as we arrived in Tucson I went to UMC to visit my favorite triplets (and to check out my future daughter-in-law :) )

Ethan Bradley

Hunter Olivia. I think she will make a fine wife! Colton SamuelI must admit that holding these little babies gave me the baby itch again! But, only if I am guaranteed another healthy preemie.

After visiting the triplets it was time to celebrate Sue's birthday... the only way Pearsons can, with fireworks!

Sue blowing out her candles. Avery shared her headbands and barrettes with all of us.

Yes, that is a giant sparkler! And, no, we are not outside.

Saturday was dyeing Easter egg day. Jaxon had fun, until I dipped his hand into the dye! Oops, let the screaming begin!

Thanks Bunch Babies for letting me borrow your bunny ears!

Ok, so I admit, that with the ears on he does look a little like a girl! But still as cute as can be!

The Easter bunny made a stop at Abuela's house. He left a gift for Jaxon in the living room and when we went to feed him all he could do was look at the truck! He was so excited to pull everything out and put it in his mouth.
Discovering what the Easter Bunny left.

Thanks Tia Kate for the Easter bib!

After breakfast we headed back to the Pearson's for an Easter Egg hunt and a day at the zoo.

Jaxon found a green egg and a pink golf ball. Of course Brian's son finds the only golf ball around!

Kory found the last egg!

The Pearson brothers. J, Brian, and Mike

At the Reid Park Zoo.

I LOVE this picture! Jax is totally posing. He must also watch a lot of modeling shows!

My only goal this weekend was to get a good picture of the cousins and this is the only one I got!

Jaxon, Avery, & Kory

Grammy Sue has a chocolate lab, Phoebe, who has become the sweetest dog! She was so patient with Jaxon and Avery entire weekend. At one point she is lying on the floor and Avery sits in front of her and says, "Phoebe, you wanna play?" How cute?!

Jaxon was fascinated by Phoebe, she is probably the first dog that hasn't run away from him when he crawls over to her! These pictures are priceless.

You are a BIG dog!

Jaxon was fascinated by her paws!

Sadly our trip had to come to an end :( We will be back at the end of May to drop Jax off with my mom for a week or so. Then I will return to pick him up as soon as I am radioactive free. I will see you all then!

Here is Jax at the airport walking the length of the chairs.

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Jen said...

I love all the pictures! Jaxon is just way too cute. Sounds like you had a great trip. We'll have to catch up one of these times. Take care!