Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yipee! He Moves Forward!

Jaxon has FINALLY figured out how to crawl forward! Tuesday, Brian stayed home with a sick Jaxon. In the morning, Brian put Jaxon down in his room while he tried to pick out something for him to wear. When Brian looked up, Jaxon was by his shelf pulling down a caterpillar toy! Hooray for him! He still preferred to go backwards of course and the forward motion was very slow, but still.
Today, I put him on the floor while Brian and I were trying to get things together to head out the door. Well, sitting on the floor being ignored was not exactly what Jaxon had in mind and before we knew it he had crawled his way to Brian. I went ahead and recreated the moment for prosperity's sake! Even more than the crawling, I love the ending of the video... Jaxon is clearly proud of himself!

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