Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweet Gesture

I just wanted to share that my kinders aren't all naughty. Yesterday, one of my little girls, who speaks very limited English and is very quiet, comes to me and hands me a little plastic bottle. It is filled with water. I ask her what it is and in her broken English she says, "It is for Baby Jaxon. He do no bad." It was Holy Water! How sweet! and appropriate since we just went to church this weekend! I was very touched that she thought of me and my baby and brought us Holy Water. This is one of the many reasons I teach, I love my job!

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Ami +3 said...

Ooh! I think that's a sign! Kinda strange timing dontcha think?? You go to church and then a child brings you HOLY WATER?? Better watch out! I swear going back to church is how I got pregnant with triplets!! :)