Monday, January 12, 2009

No, the World Has Not Come To An End!

I thought that maybe the end was near this Sunday.... The Pearson's went to church!! No kidding, no one was as surprised as I when Brian actually said, "Sure we can go to church this weekend." It had been YEARS since we had stepped inside a church, but this being a new year and all I thought, "Why not?"

Surprisingly, or not so much, we were a bit late. Thankfully, this is New Mexico and people were still walking in during the Priest's homily (15 minutes in). Anyway, Jaxon did pretty well. He loved people watching and made friends with the lady next to us. He also made an "enemy" with the little boy in front of us. When it was time to kneel, I sat him on the edge of the pew in front of us. There was a little boy, maybe 2 years old, who was sitting down eating cheerios. Jax thought it would be fun to smack him on the head and pull his hair! Oh dear. The boy looks at Jax and says, "Ow". Then tell his mom that the baby hit him. He didn't keep his eyes off of Jaxon the rest of the mass, just in case!

The best part of the entire mass was by far when everyone sang. Jaxon didn't want to miss out on any of the action so he too sang along with the choir! It was too cute! I wish we had a video camera. It was all Brian and I could do not to laugh out loud. He was most intrigued by the lady next to us (the one he befriended). Every time she would sing, he would look at her and then try to imitate her. He is too much!

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