Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quick Tucson Trip

Last Wednesday, Brian surprised me with a plane ticket to Tucson for the weekend! Yippee! I think he was feeling sad for me, since I kinda gave him a sob story the night before about how I am missing all of the fun stuff Ami is doing to get ready for her triplets and so on and so forth. So off to Tucson we went to do baby crafts!
I must admit that while I was super excited to go home and enjoy some warm weather, I was also VERY nervous to fly all by myself with the little guy. I mean, how was I going to get from the car to the ticket counter with all of my stuff? Thankfully, people saw me with a baby alone, and offered to help. The driver of the Airport Parking, where I parked, told me that I was going to check in at the curb and that was that. I said, "Oh no. I should be okay." She says, "I am not taking no for an answer." When we got to the curb, she really didn't give me a choice. She took my suitcase to the curbside check-in and got one of the outside agents and told him to take good care of me. How sweet was that? After that it was pretty smooth sailing. Although, I think that Jax needs to lose a bit of weight, he is getting quite heavy to carry! One piece of advice if you will be traveling with an infant by yourself without a stroller... wear pants that do not require a belt! It was tricky to put my belt back on after security with only one hand.
Once again, Jaxon was a good boy on the plane. He is such a charmer. He smiled, laughed and "talked" to everyone that walked by. He made a lot of new friends on both flights.
Once in Tucson, my parents were in charge! The were so happy to see him before Christmas. Jax had a ton of fun with them, especially my dad. He was just fascinated by him.
While my parents babysat, off I went to shop for crafts with the girls. FUN FUN!
We had a great time and were happy to have this improtu trip home. I was loving being able to wear flip flops in Decemeber and no jacket! Then I come home Monday night and Tuesday morning it snows in ABQ!! BLAH! I guess I don't have to say that I am looking forward to a longer visit just next week!

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Mary Montes said...

I really appreciated Brian feeling sorry for you and sending you to Tucson. Shopping at Michaels wouldn't have been the same without you...Thank you! We also loved seeing Jaxon, what a cutie...Can't wait to see you guys soon.