Friday, December 5, 2008

One For the Record Books

I have told you stories of my little "mosquito". Yup you know the one, "I'm from Vegas, Mother F'ers." Well, this morning he came in ON FIRE! Holy guacomole was he a handfull. So, I decided I was going to start out tough and not let him walk all over me. When it came time to have Morning Meeting, he refused to sit with the class so I said, "Fine, go to time out for not following directions." His response, "No you freak! I won't go to time out!" WHAT!!!! I could not believe it. I swear my mouth dropped to the floor. I didn't know whether to laugh or spank him (kidding). I took the only way out... I ignored him. What was I supposed to do. Really I had to take a moment to compose myself. As he is running wildly around the classroom (you think I am joking, not so much!) I calmly say, "Johnny, please come join us I would really like you to participate." Eventually he came right up to my chair while I was talking, with a book. He starts talking about this book. I tell him we can't chat right now, maybe later. He keeps talking. Again, ignore him. Well, he was done with that! He starts yelling at me, "Freak, freak freak, freak." Are you kidding me? And it was only half an hour into the school day! You can only imagine how the rest of the day went. Needless to say I am drinking tonight! :)
I can confidently say that I am SUPER happy I only work part-time. If I had to deal with this everyday I may be an alcoholic or in a mental institution.

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Ami +3 said...

Ha ha...Yep, that story was equally funny the second time around! I love it!! To make you feel better, I'd give you eggnog and alcohol! :)Seriously, what would teaching be, if not in kindergarten?? :)