Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jaxon Tries to leave Cookies

Brian & I were super excited for Jaxon's first Christmas and couldn't wait to get started! So as we all do on Christmas Eve we left cookies for Santa. He was too funny. I put in front of the tree for a photo-op. My thought was, sit him in front of the tree with a plate of cookies in front of him, snap the picture and be on our way. Apparently Jax takes after his father and loves chocolate chip cookies already! As soon as he saw the cookies he lunged for them! He was too funny. He would not rest until he had those cookies in his hands. At one point the 1 cookie wasn't enough and he had to go for the entire plate.
Of course, wherever there is food Lucy and Izzie are nearby! They were going nuts. They saw cookies flying and were trying their darnest to snag one. They are both smart enough not to get too close to Jax when he is flailing his arms about so they were unsuccessful.

Hmm.. what's this?

I must get one!

Maybe I would like all of the cookies!
Hey, where did they all go?

I totally understand why Daddy loves these cookies!

Don't worry... I didn't let him eat the cookie! I don't even think he got it in his mouth before someone yelled, "Don't let him eat the cookie! He'll get sick." That someone wasn't me or Brian... I wonder who? :)

I wonder who had more fun us or Jaxon?

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Fisher Family said...

He must be related to Trynnity! She LOVES cookies. Soda too..."Nae" was sneaking that to her when she was about Jax age- they don't get sick, jusy never want the jar stuff again! : )Hope you had a great Christmas!