Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Laughs, Disasters & Humiliation

*** This is a bit long, but you will get a good laugh at the end... I promise!***
Oh, how I wish I could say that our first Christmas as a family of 3 was picture perfect. Let's start with Christmas Eve.

After Jaxon left cookies for Santa we went off to Brian's friend, Mike Duhon's house. We had a really nice time with his family and our other friend Christina & her daughter. (My family celebrated Christmas Eve on the 23rd since that was the night my dad was home) When we got home later that night, my family and I did our traditionally pajama exchange. For as long as I can remember my mom always bought my brother and me brand new pj's for Christmas Eve. We slept in our new jammies and had something new and "nice" on when pictures were being taken during Christmas morning (I think this is where my obsession for having a new outfit for special occasions came from.. special occasions to me are anything from picture day at school to dinner out to any sort of social gathering!) Even though we are now both out of the house, the tradition continues. A few years back I started buying a new pajama for my mom too, because why shouldn't she have a new "outfit" on Christmas Day? This year being like every other, I was anxious and excited to open my pjs. Gift bags & boxes were exchanged and I was the first one to open mine! I take one look at my pj and start giggling, but not too much because no one else has opened theirs yet and I don't want to take away from their pj moment. As always my mom was the last to open hers and it was killing me! She is looking anxiously at my brother, Brian and me to see what we think of her present. I am trying to be nice and say, "This is cute." All the while suppressing my laugh. You see... as soon as I look at the pajama my mom bought me I notice that it is the same one I got her!!! Are you kidding me?! Am I already becoming my mother!? She finally opens hers and immediately starts laughing. I don't think I have ever seen her laugh so hard. I think the best part is that this isn't the first time it has happened! We bought each other the same pjs last year too, just a different pattern! Next year I may shop at Goodwill for hers! :)
Onto Christmas Day... Jaxon had a blast opening presents! He was actually quite good at it. Remember the magazine he destroyed? Presents were no exception. We had more fun watching him tear paper than we did opening our gifts. He has gotten SOOO many things! I have been giving him presents since before we left ABQ, I guess I thought we celebrated Hanukkah because he has literally gotten a present a day it seems. His favorite (besides the wrapping paper) are the plastic stackers. He LOVES those things!
I can really rip this Mama?

Izzie lends a helping hand

OOO There's more?

After he spent an hour opening and playing with his presents he took a nap and the rest of us got ready to have Christmas Day lunch/dinner with the Pearson's.

I was in charge of bringing a broccoli casserole & my mom was in charge of the dessert. Off we go to Sue's house with presents in hand.

Brian, Jax & I are the first ones to arrive. We hang out with Sue for a bit and Jax starts to get cranky... time for the afternoon nap. I go into Brian's old room and am putting him down when I hear Sue say, "We are also having Anabelle's casserole." Uh Oh!!! Remember what I was in charge of? Ugh yeah I kinda forgot to make it!! Seriously! I run to the kitchen and I see Brian with a look only he can give him like, "You goofed and I am loving it!" Sue was very nice and was like don't worry about it we have potatoes and Kathy is bringing such and such. Well, that wasn't good enough for me I was told to make something and by golly I was going to do. I jumped in the car to go to Safeway to buy what I needed. Well, it's Christmas, Safeway isn't open on Christmas! Crap what was I going to do? Luckily my mom was running late and hadn't left her house yet. She was going to bring the ingredients. When she arrives half an hour later I whip up this broccoli casserole & put it in the oven. Thank goodness there is really nothing to this thing. About 25 minutes later I check to see if its ready. I pull rack out, take the glass lid off & put it on the stove. "I think it needs a few more minutes." With the oven mitt on my left hand I pick up the hot, glass lid with my right hand! Yup, that's right I pick up a scalding hot lid with my bare hand. What's a girl to do, but to drop the lid. It hits the ceramic bowl the food is in, slides off the oven door and shatters on the tile floor! I could not believe that happened in front of the entire family! Everyone was watching in slow motion. Once the lid shatter into a million pieces everyone jumped into action. They were so sweet, all except Brian who just kept laughing at me. I took care of my hand (this wasn't the first time I had done something like this) and dinner was on its way... broccoli casserole and all!

Oh, you think that's the only humiliation I suffered this weekend? Wrong! The next day Brian and I got out for a much needed movie date. We went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button... I only recommend this movie if you can spare 3 hours of your life and you enjoy a slow movie. Not our best pick.

When the movie was over, Brian and I went to our respective bathrooms and said "Meet you in the front." I come out of the bathroom and see Brian standing in the lobby. I walk over to him, grab his butt and say, "Let's go babe." I can't remember what I heard next, but I look back to see this man WAS NOT BRIAN!! He says to me, "I don't think I know you." I was mortified! I quickly stutter, "Oh no, you look just like my husband. I am so sorry." All the while, i am trying not to look at him because I was so humiliated. There is a lady standing not to far from us who sees the whole thing and she is dying laughing. I am telling you this guy looked just like Brian, same height, same black shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. The guys even wore the same square glasses! Only problem... Brian doesn't wear glasses anymore, oops forgot that little detail about my husband!

I finally see Brian, not anywhere near where I fondled a stranger and he takes one look at me and says, "What did you do!?" Do I tell him? I wonder. Well, he found this absolutely hilarious and I don't think will ever let me live it down. From now on I am not smacking anyone in the booty that's for sure!


Fisher Family said...

That's GREAT! Thanks for a good laugh: ) The stress of these Holidays, I tell ya!

Adam and Samantha said...

Hi! That's a good one, I can just picture your face when you realize it's not your hubby! Your little boy is so cute, he looks so much like you too! I'm glad you had a great holiday!!