Sunday, December 14, 2008

He Sits Up!

We hit a big milestone this weekend!! Jaxon sat up! Ok, so he has been a "supported sitter" for awhile now, but I wasn't sure when I should count it as an "official" sit up. I asked Elizabeth (my job share teacher), she has 3 kids and is my go-to for anything baby. I figure having 3 kids makes her an expert. She told me she it would be official if I could walk away, confidently, knowing he would still be sitting when I got back. Saturday was the day! I was doing something with the coat closet (for the life of me I cannot remember what) and of course he had to be right there with me. So I sat him on the floor figuring he would flop over momentarily. Nope he kept on sitting. I was in awe. I sat in front of him, on point, just waiting to catch him. He kept on sitting. He even put his fingers in his mouth without falling! After a few minutes I was confident I could get the camera and he would still be sitting there. Yup. I got the camera and his smiling face was waiting for me. Here are a couple, I had to refrain from putting all of them up. I think I took 10 and they all look pretty much the same.

Lucy came by to give him some moral support.

Now that he is sitting up I knew it was time for a high chair! It didn't hurt that he was starting to wiggle his way out of his Bumbo chair. Off we went to the happiest place on earth... TARGET! The best part, according to Brian, is that there is no assembly required! The high chair works perfectly because there is nothing interesting (yet) behind me. His favorite thing lately was to throw his head back to look at the light or to try to grab whatever seasonal decoration was on the table. It made it a lot easier to feed him.. how long will it last?

Ready to eat!

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