Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rough Day

Today was the wrong day to be a Pearson! Brian woke up determined to have Jaxon role over once and for all. He said that Jax was going to do tummy time until he did. Well, that did not go over so well! He will only put up with tummy time for about 3 minutes and then watch out! Boy did he let us know how he felt about that, and do you think he rolled over? Of course not. After about 10 minutes of trying to calm him down he took a much needed nap. When nap time was over, it was time to eat! He has really taken to eating solids, so I figured today would be no exception. Wrong again! Jax decided that he did not like carrots today and spit them out repeatedly at me. Finally we got this under control and he started eating like a good boy again, when he thought it would be much more tasty to eat his hands! I would give him a spoonful of carrots and he would help by shoving his hand or hands in his mouth. This is how this conversation went...
Anabelle (using her best teacher voice) : "Jaxon, No." Pull hand down
Jaxon: Left hand in mouth
Anabelle: "I said no. Keep your hands down." Pull hand down
Jaxon: Right hand in mouth
Anabelle: "Jaxon, that is enough of that." Pull hand down
Jaxon: Both hands in mouth

Okay, you get the idea. We did this for what seemed like an eternity. Until he started spitting food at me again and then I figured we were done.

Well, you think this would be the end of the messy day... nope it only gets better. About 20 minutes later, Jax starts going number 2. I'm not too worried about because it was Brian's turn to change this poopy diaper. Once we can tell he is finished taking care of business, Brian takes him to the other room to be changed. Then I hear, "Anabelle! You put his diaper on too loosely. I need your help." Sure enough, poop is everywhere! And I thought I had gotten out of this poopy diaper! Ha! Into the bathtub he went, it was that bad. Of course, Jaxon being a boy he had to "shower" me with love once he got into the tub. Gotta love little boys! He was laughing the entire time, it's a good thing he's cute.

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