Saturday, June 21, 2014

Let Summer Begin!

Summer started in early May in the Pearson house.  Brian heated the pool and we all spent an afternoon swimming.  

Like all proper girls, Reese had to put on a little makeup before heading out. 

With a makeup and goggles in place Reese was ready! 

Jaxon had to try out his new snorkel and mask by jumping in. He quickly learned that a snorkel does not work well underwater. 

Never one to be left behind. Reese had to have her turn jumping in. Yes, she's naked. This is how she prefers to swim. The bathing suit did not last long. "I no want to get it wet." Hmmm. Well, isn't that the point of a bathing suit? But you try to reason with Reese, it is just not possible. 

If jumping in wasn't enough, she had to slide head first into the pool. The girl is fearless!

Happy Summer everyone! 

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