Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beach Bums

I started off strong with posting our Puerto Rico pictures. Then life started again. Back to work. Back to soccer, gymnastics, making lunches, Halloween, Pumpkin Patch... I have a lot to catch up on. BUT I must go in chronological order, you know, for that day I print this blog. Which will happen. One day. 

The last couple of days in PR was spent on the beach and with family. 
My grandparents and aunt came over one last time for dinner and quality time. 

The kids showing Abuelo an iPad. 

The entire Rios/Pearson family :)

I tried so hard to get a good picture of my grandparents with the kids. 
It was comical to say the least.
Reese. Aye aye aye. 

And LOTS of beach pictures!
We made the 30 minute drive to "the good beach" as Jaxon called it. It was worth the drive. The water was perfect, the sand perfect, the crowd perfect. 

Future swimsuit model

A little yoga on the beach

Dogs need to cool off too.

And she's toast.

In Puerto Rico there are little street restaurants called kioskos. They sell typical food and it is delicious! 
On the second day I enjoyed a nice little stroll down the beach to get some lunch.

Yes, that is a horse tied to a tree. 

Only Puerto Ricans eat rice on the beach. 

It wasn't an outing without some coconut ice cream. 

Trying to get a picture of the two of them

And some pictures of the scenery on the drive home.

Our home for the week

Before we left we had to take our traditional selfies in front of our vacation home. 

Then we started our LOOOOOONNNNNGG trip home. It was miserable. That is all I will say. 

Waiting for USDA to check our bags

A rare moment of peace on the plane.
Rare. there was NO peace.
I wanted to jump out of the airplane.

30 minutes before we landed they both fell asleep.
Waking Jaxon up to walk off the plane was a real treat let me tell you! 
We had a wonderful trip. Getting there and coming home was the worst thing ever, but it was well worth it. Not a day goes by that Jaxon doesn't mention his great grandparents or great aunt or asks to when we will go back to Puerto Rico. It was a very special week for us and I hope he will remember it fondly as he grows older. Who know maybe we will brave the trip again in a couple of years. Let's give Reese some time to mature. :) 

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