Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Written & Illustrated by Jaxon

I've mentioned before that Jaxon has really taken an interest in drawing and is actually blossoming. I dare say he's a better artist than I am! Not that that is saying much, but still. 

Last week he wrote and illustrated yet another book. It is so stinkin' cute! He was so proud that we had to FaceTime with Brian as soon as we got home so that he could read him the story. 

I now present you "Jaxon's Scary Story" As told to Ms. Debbie by Jaxon &  Illustrated by Jaxon 

There was a vampire.
With a dog and a cat. The dog was a baby dog. He was a mean dog. 

The dog  does look mean huh?
They were in Batman's house.
He saw another vampire. 

I believe the first vampire and the dogs were in Batman's house. Random right?

Uh oh. Here comes Swiper!

And they saw Grinch. He said, "Get out of my house!" But it was a fib.
There was a scary dragon with one leg and it was his pet. (hilarious!!! A one-legged dragon! Why not?)

I  love how he integrates two holiday characters. Just go with it. 

The dragon flew and the vampire flew to fight their city.
There was a jet plane with no wings so they turned it into a car.

Pretty clever.

The vampire saw blood on Batman's dog and sucked it. He said, "Blood..."
He said, "I'm going to suck your blood right now."

The dog ran away and them he bit the vampire.
The end.

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Don't be surprised if he's a New York's Times Bestselling author one day. :)

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