Friday, November 16, 2012

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Jaxon's preschool? No? Well, I do! I love how it's completely developmentally appropriate. I love how each teacher indulges each child interest. I love how much they absolutely love each and every one of those children. I love the language they use. I love that my classroom is a mere doors down from them and I get to watch Jaxon play outside or get a glimpse of him when they walk past my window to go see the chickens. Yeah. Did I mention they have a chicken coop? You'll need to check out Ms. Courtney's blog post of her adventure with the chickens. It's actually quite hilarious to watch her try to catch a chicken. I love the email they send every evening with pictures of the kiddos in action. I love that they keep a very detailed portfolio of their students. I just heart them!

So when I went to pick Jaxon up the other day and I saw him and a bunch of his friends in a real-life tepee, well, I fell in love again.

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