Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin' and More!

It's October so that means time for a visit to the pumpkin patch! 
This year we went to a fairly new pumpkin patch in town and it was super fun! Definitely a must-do again. We were pleasantly surprised at how well Reese did. Sh isn't exactly a peach all of the time, but one thing she does like is being outside strolled around in a stroller. So this was a win-win day for her!

Before arriving at the pumpkin patch, we passed several cotton fields. Brian had a fond memory of stopping to pick cotton with his dad so we decided to detour for a few minutes.

On Friday as we planned the weekend and tried to decide when to go, we thought Sunday around 10:00am  would be best. We figured people would be in church and we'd miss the crowd. Well, apparently, Tucsonans aren't church-goers. We easily waited 30 minutes to get in.

Once inside we were shocked at how many things there were for the kids to do. 
We could have skipped the actual pumpkin picking and been a-okay.

She was itching to get out and play with the big kids.

Waiting for the pig race... yes, pigs race. and they're fast!

Ready for a tractor ride through the corn field

Reese reached right in to pet the cow. 

Wagon ride to the patch

It was a great day at the pumpkin patch! 

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