Friday, May 18, 2012

More 4-Year Celebration

Seriously, this was the birthday that never ended! Okay, it only lasted 2 days, but it seemed like 2 weeks!

After the party and our trip to Petco, we went over to  my parents house to open their presents and some of ours. Apparently Brian & I forgot the fish was his present because we bought him a crap load of Playmobile Safari Sets. S-P-O-I-L-E-D Spoiled!

Then it was off to bed for the last time as a 3-year-old, but not before feeding Rocky!

To make his Birthday even more special I decided to fill his room with balloons! When he woke up in the morning he would see a ceiling covered in balloons

Thank you Pinterest!
What Pinterest didn't tell me was that the balloons would lose their helium-ness and float to the floor. Oops. I guess I should have guessed this on my own, but my brain didn't go there. So instead of waking up to a ceiling full of balloons, he woke up to a bed & floor full of balloons! Still super fun & special.

Three loan balloons

We headed off to school with a bag of Otter Pops for his classmates and lots of smiles!

Brian had to head of town that afternoon so he picked Jaxon up from school early and took him to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch and games. I met them there after I dismissed my kinders and we had a very nice hour together.

This game was like the Price is Right wheel. Where ever the wheel stopped you got that many tickets.


So excited for 100 tickets!



Counting the tickets. He ended up with 300! 
After lunch, I took Jaxon over to Grammy Sue's for more presents and fun

Oh, but the celebration isn't over yet! He had a short nap and I made a birthday dinner. We sang happy birthday and enjoyed a chocolate ice cream cake along with chocolate Cars cupcakes from Grammy Sue!

Yay for being four!

I am pretty that's it. We ended the evening with MORE presents and Facetime with Tio Jose. I do believe Jaxon felt very special on his 4th birthday. He kept asking me, "Am I still 4? Will I be 4 outside too?" 

A few days after his birthday he says, "Remember when I was 4 and I had a cake?" Yup, pretty sure I do since it was only 3 days ago! 

Happy birthday, Jaxon! I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did!

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