Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Babies

My babies met today! Oh my heart was so very happy! Jaxon was just beaming when he saw her. He watched Brian change her diaper & take her temperature. Then we were able to go to the family room to feed her and spend some quality family time.
Jaxon was so eager to feed her & hold her. He just wanted to help and get to know his sister. He inspected her tiny little toes and her tiny little hands. He kissed her, smelled her, hugged her, held her, fed her and sang to her. I cannot wait for Reese to come home so that they can bond.
He wanted her to wear her hat

Going in for a kiss

Love these two!

When we left the hospital Jaxon started to say, "I don't want to leave Reesey in the hospital." We thought he was just saying that. Once in the car he started crying. Real, heartfelt tears. Sobbing really. "I don't want to leave Reesey here. I want her to come home. I miss Reesey. I'm sad without Reesey." He made me cry too! It just broke my heart to see him so sad over leaving his baby sister. 
Soon enough Reese will be home and sooner than I'd like, Jaxon and Reese will be fighting like siblings do. For now I will bask in his love for his sister.


Susanne, Chris and Kate said...

I'm so glad they were finally able to meet! I bet it has been hard on Jaxon! They are just precious and I know he will always be watching out for his little Reesey! :)

Sarah said...

such adorable babies! glad they finally got to meet :) reese will be home soon for everyone to enjoy!