Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Big Boy Room!

Well... Almost. We (and by we, I really mean Brian)  spent the entire weekend working on Jaxon's new Big Boy Room. We are moving Jaxon out of his current room and into the spare room. Jaxon's current room is next to ours and will therefore become Reese's room. She'll need us more in the middle of the night than Jaxon does and really, we don't want to walk the length of the house to get to her at 3 am.
Since I'm on break, my goal was (is) to move Jaxon out and Reese in. We got the "Order Shipped" email from Overstock.com which meant Jaxon's Big Boy Bed was on its way! Yipee! We put the pedal to the metal and got working on his room.

I took a "real" before picture, but I'm not sure what happened. I must have not downloaded it to the computer before I deleted it from the camera. So just pretend that all of this crap was in his new room, except the mattress, bed and dresser were in the middle of the room, unassembled.

Prepping the newly empty room

How fun is this laser level thingy?

Using the laser level line to mark where the chair rail will go.
Even I had a prep job!

Freshly painted blue wall. So calming

Jaxon using his scope to check out his new room!

Look at that straight chair rail!

The finished product on Sunday afternoon!

The room was ready just in time for the furniture delivery on Monday!
The furniture came... and went. I was not home when they delivered it, but according to Brian it looked like crap. He said each piece had a ding, scratch or hole in it. So he sent it back. :(
Thankfully Jaxon was napping when this happened, he never saw the furniture. Brian told him what happened and he handled it fairly well (for a three year old). He is very sad not to be living in his new Big Boy Room, but what are you going to do?
 We are all so disappointed. We are back to square one... looking for a bedroom set. Well, maybe square two since the room is clear and waiting new furniture!
Just pretend all of these accessories are in his room..

The quilt that will go on his new bed. The theme for his room will be airplanes, not sports.

Jaxon will have his own bathroom. We spent some time at Target picking out bathroom decor. Jaxon chose the elephants.

I got Reese's letters ready, thinking I would start her room this week.

PS I switched the interface on my blog (whatever that means) and now I have no idea why there is a huge white box around a group of pictures and not others.  I am digging the new font!


Charlotte Hoffner said...

wow....you are getting stuff done this break! i have accomplished exactly nothing except read your blog updates ;)....is there a reason you dont respond to my FB posts i write on your wall?? A little rude....just sayin'. Big hugs!

Ami said...

I LOVE your progress! Fun Husband did a fabulous job! I'm very sad that the bed had to be sent back because I know just how impatient I am when it comes to those types of things. The bathroom elephants are super cute. (We have the same towels in our kids' bathroom). And great job on the letters! They came out great! Can't wait to come see it all finished....maybe on the same night we eat rice and beans...just sayin. :)

Sarah said...

if you feel like doing more crafts, henry could use some letters for his new room... just sayin ;)

Nicole said...

Love it! I love the airplane theme- that is Brody's too (with a Buzz comforter-strange)! The whole room will come together before you know it! And the letters are adorable