Sunday, October 9, 2011


We have returned from our camping adventure! Before I share the pictures & videos, I must put it out there.... I WAS NOT ONLINE during our vacation. We had no WiFi or cell phone service in the cabin. Yes, I was on FB the day we left, but it was on my phone minutes before we lost service. And yes, I posted a blog, but it was a scheduled post I did the night before we left. Seriously, people! I did rough it! :)

Ok, now that I've gotten that off my chest... onto the pictures! 

Ready to go!

Stopping on the Salt River Canyon. I stayed safely in the car  while Brian risked his life. Yes, I was not a fan of this part of our trip.

We had to stop for a poop break.

I love that while he's doing his business he is picking up pinecones & sticks!

We made it!

Our cabin. So cute.

Ready for some fishing!

It just warms my heart to see these 2 together. Especially because Brian has such fond memories of fishing in Greer with his dad. It is great that he wants to pass this tradition down to Jaxon.

I took a few short videos of our fishing expedition with the intention of putting them all together into a longer movie, but with the new iMac I'm not sure how to do it.

They caught a fish!

Jaxon was not necessarily a fan. He didn't want to hurt the fish.

Giving Reesey a little hug & kiss.

He slept in a BIG BIG boy bed! Good practice for when his finally comes in. 

That's Day 1! So far so good. I just have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with Greer. It is absolutely beautiful up there. 

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Mrs. Lofgren said...

What an adventure! Jaxon looked like he loved every minute of it!!! I loved going camping in the mountains as a kid. It's something I still remember with great fondness.