Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In Two Weeks...

In 2 weeks we find out what Baby Pearson is! So excited. We can finally either stop arguing over boy names or go with our ONE choice for a girl. It's so funny because when we were expecting Jaxon it was the other way around. So maybe that means we're having a girl??

Now that we are 2 weeks away, I want to know what you think! Boy or girl? Pink or blue? On the side panel you'll find a Baby Poll. Take a minute to vote. You have until August 9.

For those of you who need a full picture before making such a crucial decision, here are a few facts about this pregnancy:

* I had morning, evening and middle-of-the-night sickness for the first few weeks of pregnancy.

* I have gained one pound to date.

* I have had no cravings :( I actually am eating less now than I did before being pregnant!

* My body temperature has been much colder than ever (100 degree days don't seem to bother me like it does others)

* My feet are colder (for those of you who were at Mary's shower)

* The Chinese Conception calendar says I'm having a girl.

* The needle over the palm goes in a line, which means boy.

* And of course the all-important belly picture.

Now that you have a complete picture.... VOTE!


Susanne, Chris and Kate said...

Have you been impatient to find out? I know I have been this time around! we fond out on the 10th! Can't wait! What does your gut tell you that you're having?

Mrs. Lofgren said...

I can't wait to hear the big news! :)

Ami said...

It's a girl. Fo sho.

Mary said...

Brinley & Hunter vote for a girl!

Sarah said...

i think i am the only one who voted boy on your poll! james thinks you're having a girl so we cancel each other out ;) i love the belly pic with jaxon rubbing your belly :)

Anonymous said...

you look bigger than 16 weeks I think you are further along. Vote Boy.

Anabelle said...

I was the same way with Jaxon, but 2 ultrasounds and the date of my last period all say the same due date... January 8. In case you haven't noticed from blog pictures (or if we've never met), I'm the petite side.. a mere 5 foot 1. So I'd like to think it's that the baby has no room to go but out.